The Lights of Tokyo



In this project, I expressed the power supply problem in Japan with the lights of Tokyo. Tokyo is a very energetic place. There are many people spending their time actively in various ways, such as working hard until late or enjoying their time for fun. And this large city never sleeps. As I was born and raised in Tokyo, the scenery with many bright lights is very familiar and feels like home to me.

When the Great East Earthquake occurred in 2011, all nuclear power generation stopped. We worried for the shortage of the electricity, and we became conscious of saving it at the same time. After the disaster, we tried not to use the power so much for a while, but now Tokyo has their brightening lights back. It seems to me that we are wasting the power and energy.

The nuclear accident brought to our lives destruction and pollution. We have become concerned about the impact of the radiological substance in the long-term. As for me, I will start to raise a child from now on, it is also a serious anxious problem. I hadn’t cared much about the risk of the nuclear power. Many people like me started to pay attention to this issue.

However nobody has been able to find the answer for the nuclear power problem yet. The public opinion whether the nuclear power plants will reopen or not is divided.  There are so many things that we have to think about; the cost of the supply of electricity, the environmental burden of air pollution and greenhouse gas, and so on. We have no better choice at all point. It’s time for us to think seriously which risks we want to take and which methods we want to choose.

We need to find the right answer for that. I took photos of the lights of Tokyo with a super wide-angle lens, showing a wide-sweeping view of there. Tokyo is full of energy. But there are always some energy problems behind. The lights of Tokyo keep their brightness forever. But do you think it is OK? I hope my photos will provide some motivation to think about them.